Rachael shares a couple of quick memories from this year’s first Mile End Mill trip…

The journey

My weekend started with a very amusing ride up to wales with Lydia, Adam, Sam and a spider. Where we bonded over the ‘silver duchess’, Canadian music and podcasts. We also received a guided tour of Birmingham from the ring road (thanks for those gems of knowledge Lydia) and had numerous jokes about passing Knockin.

Gathering for group chats above Horseshoe Falls

Having fun AND learning something new

The river Dee was a great way to progress further, incredible views and an awesome group. We had a day of reviewing our skills from the IWWK, practising the basics and learning new techniques. We had some fun with the bow rudder stroke. The afternoon eased off with many people surfing the wave at the bottom and seal launching off the rock. On day 2 Christine lead us down the river and through some great ‘wave trains’. Catching eddies and practising on the journey back to town we quickly came across Serpents Tail. After watching a few lines our group decided it was time to take the plunge. Christine can now boast her whole team got down without a swim, we later learnt some celebration techniques. Thanks Christine I hope these will come in very handy.

Celebrating the lead in to Serpent’s Tail

The highlights?

The karaoke bar, trying to booth with Jim & Wath…..not quite got that one yet and of course ‘catching’ the eddy on Serpents Tail! Bring on MEM 2.

Images by Rachael