Steffi shares with us her experiences from her UKCC Level 2 Coaching assessment…


To be honest, it was just a fun day which was a great reward after the quite frankly boring completion of a massive portfolio. That said; the requirements do make sure that you read the BCU coaching handbook and start to really think about supporting paddlers to progress to the next level. So, I shouldn’t moan as actually, I learned a lot. It’s still dry and takes a lot of self-motivation and persuasion.

Anyway, Sean managed to get some great guinea pigs – Rachael, Ben, Emma, Emma again, Jenni and Dave – who complied with our ever increasing demands. Thank you guys! Sean even managed to organise great weather! Thanks again!

So, Leo from Getafix– the most relaxed guy ever – managed to put our nerves at ease immediately and off we went. He was very clear about what he expected and basically gave us a five minute summary of the level 2 coaching training. From then on, there was no planning. It was a matter of asking our guinea pigs what they would like to get out of day and get on with it. Leo said, this is how it’s meant to be. You have to think on the spot and come up with a creative session that takes account of all the different coaching and learning styles.

Sean started with an excellent session on edging and introducing bracing. He was followed by Roger who helped our learners along with their low braces. Lastly, mean Regents witch Steffi, who got everyone wet in an attempt to improve their hip flicking, co-ordinate the use of the legs, arms and heads to improve their high brace. Everyone had to observe, feedback, scale skills and dare devil ‘flicking’ with a polo ball or float. I think it worked! Everyone looked much better at the end of it, well, wet hair look.

The afternoon was an introduction to open boating and a recap on kayak forward paddling. Rachael is now boasting to Dave about her improved forward stroke and volunteered to show how much energy she can save at the next canal session. I am sure I heard some moaning about feeling her core muscles much more! From then on it went downhill with everyone ‘falling like flies’ plunging into the water and needing to be rescued by Sean, Roger and myself. We were that good that Rachael decided she is not going to hang in for a t-rescue in the future and will just wait for a ‘hand of god’. Lazy!

Well then, Regents has now got another two level 2 coaches in kayaking AND a level 2 coach in canoeing. Well done! Where next? Sean is well ahead and already has his 4*. I’m lagging behind but that’s my next step. And Sean is planning his Medium Water Endorsement. Great plan! Regents, I think there are great adventures ahead of us.