Procedure for paddling on the canal during club nights

This protocol sets out what is expected from Regents Canoe Club (RCC) paddlers while using Islington Boat Club (IBC) premises and paddling on the canal during club nights. It will remain effective while social distancing is required and may be updated as government guidance changes.

All usual safety precautions still apply, e.g. signing on and off the canal.

Whilst RCC and IBC have taken measure to the reduce risk of COVID-19 infection to an acceptable level, paddlers using the facilities and equipment at their own risk.

Risk Assessment

Please familiarise yourself with the controls we’ve put in place to minimise the spread of COVID-19 in our Risk Assessment.

Numbers on site

  • No more than 30 people at any session or activity.

Arrival at Site

  • Do not attend canal sessions if you have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • You will be asked to fill in an NHS Test & Trace Attendance form when you enter the premises.
  • Paddlers may be asked to queue at the gate, depending on numbers on site. 
  • Paddlers should be dressed for paddling as changing facilities will not be available.
  • On arriving and leaving paddlers should use hand sanitiser provided by RCC.
  • Two metre social distancing should be observed at the boat club and on the water.

Use of Changing Rooms and Toilets

  • A toilet will be available during club nights.
  • Only one person in the toilets at any one time.
  • Maximum 3 people in each changing room.
  • Minimise use of changing rooms and arrive in paddling kit if possible.

Boats and Boat Storage

  • Only one person in the boat cage at one time.  A second person may assist if needed and an appropriate distance is maintained.
  • Boats hired out should be washed and disinfected when collecting and when returning.
  • Only one paddler may use a particular boat (or other item of kit) on a particular club night.

Decks and BAs

  • Only one paddler in the kit storeroom at one time.
  • The minimum period between club nights is 72 hours, which is generally considered an adequate time to quarantine equipment.

Paddling on the Canal

  • Paddlers must be able to self-rescue.
  • Paddlers should maintain two metre social distancing on pontoons.
  • When paddling on the canal, groups should be restricted to six people or fewer.
  • Ensure social distancing while paddling.
  • Stagger leaving the water to ensure social distancing.

Duty Officer

  • Duty officer to ensure site does not become overcrowded and arrange queueing at gate, where necessary.
  • Duty officer to be positioned close to gate to ensure site does not become overcrowded.  No more than 12 people on IBC premises (not including those on the water).
  • Duty office to remind paddlers of the need to social distance while on IBC premises and canal.
  • Duty officer to collect names and contact phone numbers of RCC members using sheet provided.  Sheet to be forwarded to nominated RCC committee member.  Sheets will be destroyed after 21 days.
  • All entries in duty book to be made by duty officer

Equipment Provided

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Paper roll