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A rookie’s reflection

Frankie pumps up her first white water trip to Mile End Mill After completing the Introduction to White Water Kayaking course with Regents Canoe Club, a few of us signed up for our first ‘proper’ white water trip. The Intro course was great and taught us lots of essential skills and knowledge. This was, however, my […]

WWSR, a course, a way of life

Steph reflects on an eventful White Water Safety and Rescue course Our little paddling ‘clique’ who all met at the Intro to White Water course last summer (with a few exceptions who were assimilated into the group along the course of the year) decided we were ready for the next step in our paddling careers. […]

A Grand Canyon paddling adventure

In case you missed it, here is Becky’s account of her Grand Canyon paddling adventure In July of this year I was very lucky to be part of a group of friends who went to kayak and raft the Grand Canyon self-supported. This trip was different to previous self-supported kayak trips that I had been […]

What a Soca

Octave shares some thoughts on a self-organised adventure. The Soča river in Slovenia is breathtakingly beautiful and an amazingly fun place to kayak. As we discovered, however, there’s a lot to organising your own trip abroad – this blog is therefore a practical guide to your very own Soča trip.

A tale of two Tryweryns

More fun on the T with Ruth… I admit it, I was supposed to write a piece on the May trip to the Tryweryn (“T” – I’m a barrister I’m allowed to define terms!) I’m a bit late with that. Sorry. I haven’t forgotten. I’m double barrelling it with the August T trip.

Kayaking in the Alps – Part II

Jess’s recollections of a first year in the Alps. As I put my out of office on, and waved goodbye to my colleagues, the excitement of the Alps trip sunk in. Having heard so many positive things from other RCC members, I couldn’t wait to see the rivers for myself!

Kayaking in the Alps – Part I

Thanh shares his thoughts on a memorable end to a memorable year. Blessed with summery weather, mesmerising scenery and memorable company, the Regents Alps trip of 2019 was the definite highlight of my first year kayaking with Regents Canoe Club.

First experiences on the Tryweryn

Steph recounts her first experiences of the Tryweryn. Still fairly new to the game of white water kayaking, once I’d found out I was accepted on the Tryweryn trip I’d started asking around about the river. The reaction was always the same from my more experience kayaking buddies; a smile and a fond look of joy behind their eyes as if remembering a first love.

Thoughts of the M1

There’s always a feeling of dread as we’re planning and embarking on a kayaking weekend away. Luckily our chair and deep thinker Kate has some thoughts on how to make your journey a little less stressful and more relaxing. The key question is what do you think about when you’re chugging up long stretches of […]